Visiting Savannah: Part One


A few months ago Dan and I went to Savannah for a college friend’s wedding. When I found out that the wedding was in Savannah, I was super excited because it was a city I had always wanted to visit. After hearing so many good things about it, Savannah definitely did not disappoint. All of the streets are lined with oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, which was absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite things about the city. I could have spent all day walking around and taking pictures of the trees. Savannah is also home to a number of great restaurants and bakeries, many of which we got to try during our visit. 

Our first stop in Savannah was Leopold’s Ice Cream. I don’t think I have ever seen such a long line out the door of an ice cream shop. I ordered a cup of chocolate chewies and cream, which was somewhat of a combination between chocolate chip and cookie dough. So good!


Although we were pretty busy with pre-wedding festivities, we did find some time to explore the city and of course try some of the food. On our first morning we had breakfast at J. Christopher’s. Dan ordered the banana bread french toast, something I really need to try making at home. Anyways, he loved it and I also loved the few bites he let me try.


I ordered their famous blueberry crunchcakes, a stack of blueberry pancakes topped with crunchy granola. I enjoyed my breakfast, but overall I think I preferred Dan’s banana bread french toast. It was that good. J. Christopher’s was a great way to kick off our weekend in Savannah and is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the city. 


After breakfast we walked around the city for a few hours. We stumbled upon a tiny macaron shop called Maison de Macarons and decided to sample a few macarons. We tried the tybee turtle macaron, a flavor that was recommended by the cashier, as well as the chocolate-covered strawberry macaron. They weren’t quite as good as my favorite macarons from Bouchon Bakery in New York City, but still pretty good. … 

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Baked Oatmeal with Fruit

When it comes to breakfast, I need to switch things up fairly often or else I get bored. I have decided that I can’t eat the same thing more than two weeks in a row without getting really bored with it. That means that I need to have plenty of options in my breakfast rotation…. 

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Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t make plain chocolate chip cookies as often as I should. They are often overshadowed by fancier cookies with long ingredient lists. But classic chocolate chip cookies deserve some time in the spotlight as far as I am concerned. It was not until someone recently asked me for a recipe that I realized my… 

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Cocoa Banana Muffins

I have some exciting news to share! Sometime in the last year I realized that my blog needed a new look and a few changes to make it more user-friendly. Since I know nearly nothing about website design, I used Julie of Blogger Boutique to help make my vision a reality. I am so happy… 

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Salted Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

There is something about the combination of sweet and salty that I find to be irresistible. Perhaps that’s why I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter so much. When Dan and I visited the Chocolate Bar a few months back, I went up and got a cup of popcorn several times throughout the… 

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Clear Flour Bread {Brookline, MA}

Last weekend Dan and I visited Clear Flour Bread, a small bakery located just outside of downtown Boston. Although we arrived only a few minutes after it opened, there was already a small line down the street. Clear Flour Bread is a popular neighborhood bakery known for its amazing bread and breakfast pastries. As soon… 

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Chocolate Easter Nest Cupcakes

For whatever reason, I started thinking about Easter this past weekend. In addition to spending time with family, one of my favorite things about Easter has always been the dessert. Since I am always in charge of putting together the dessert table, I started thinking about what I might make this year. I am constantly… 

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Guinness and Irish Cream Cupcakes

Just when I began to think that winter might never end, we finally had a nice weekend with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. I still need a few more days of nice weather before I am convinced that spring is just around the corner, although another snowstorm in the forecast for later this week… 

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